Property Management in Berlin from A to Z

mittenmang means being right in the middle of it. The same is true for mittenmang property management. We do not just drop in once a year, but make frequent on-site visits and care about the communities we service. A commitment to care for the properties that we have been trusted with, is the core of our service. Our creed: close to the action, close to the wishes and needs of owners and tenants.

mittenmang property management provides a comprehensive service for real estate in Berlin. We take over commercial as well as technical management services for rented homes and homeowner associations. Independent properties on their way to becoming home associations are also in good hands. Whether it’s a single owner, a corporation, an investor group or a community of heirs, the needs of our customers’ properties are fulfilled on an individual basis.

It is our goal to maintain the value of the properties we manage and to develop the highest standard of living possible. We believe pivotal points for that are a good neighborhood and local networks. That’s why mittenmang property management is even involved in the "Kiez" and collaborates with regional craftsmen and service providers. mittenmang sees themselves as a responsible, modern service provider, who stands on the side of tenants and homeowners. This includes being easily reached as well as the ability to handle all business in English.